Fix Sata B Port, Device Not Found

Fix Sata B Port, Device Not Found

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    Over the past few weeks, some users have reported that they have encountered a SATA Port B device that cannot be detected.

    If there are SATA ports enabled, but no technology on the ports, you can put this error on Dell generation servers.

    When the server is turned on. Messages Invoke BIOS setup program with f2. In BIOS, use the down arrow key to highlight SATA A port and press Enter.

    Press the + button to switch from Auto to Successful shutdown.

    If you have a DVD on one of the ports, you can ignore the above point for that port.

    sata port b device not found

    I get the error SATA Port A Device Not Found, press F1 or F2 while booting. When I press F2 and go to BIOS, all the settings are for SATA AHCI as well as automatic port A detection. I can get around by pressing F1, but I think something is wrong.

    There are six main reasons the BIOS is unable to detect the presence of a great internal hard drive. Here’s a perfect list. They are not in any particular order, but your website may take the following steps one at a time to fix this issue:


    1. Disk neverenabled in BIOS
    2. Serial ATA software does not install correctly
    3. Faulty or disconnected data cable.
    4. Disk is not weighed for free
    5. Incorrect jumper setting on disk.
    6. Reliable and defective reader

    Note. Sections 3, 4, 5, 6 are for PC or Mac systems. Sections 1 in conjunction with 2 refer to computer systems only.

    After making sure your ATA or SATA port is set to auto-detect or enabled, and if you find that your drive is not necessarily recognized (automatically) by the BIOS approach, try this. Follow these steps to isolate / fix the problem.

    1. Disk not included in BIOS

    Most PCs display a short message about personalizing the system shortly after turning on. System setup is also called my “System BIOS” or sometimes “CMOS Setup” – each of which is the name of the same thing.

    For example, if you are referring to Dell Systems, at startup, select the F2 = Setup check box in the upper right corner of the list. As yincreasing the size of the media means F2 to enter the setup (BIOS). Different computer manufacturers use different methods to enter Setup, so you will need to check your system for prompts.

    If your drive is not recognized, it may be because it has been disabled in the system settings. Some motherboard manufacturers disable unused ports in BIOS by default. You need to enter BIOS setup to check the current single state.

    If you add a second drive to your system, you can enable it by enabling it in System Setup.

    1. Serial motherboard drivers are not loaded enough.
      If you are installing older types of Windows to a disk, it must be a bootable disk (for example, drive C :). when it is time to install the windows, the pressurization may not be recognized. You may need to update your computer’s memory controller driver.

    Windows 2002 XP and additional drivers that may be loaded.

    Note. These drivers were not supplied by Seagate; they come from the motherboard manufacturer.

    1. Faulty or disconnected data cable
      • Always check the motherboard and hard drive connectors for bent or misaligned pins. Bending, crimping, crimping, or bending data cables will break the wires in the insulation and make the cable look normal. If in doubt about the condition of the data cable, replace it.
      • For SATA cables, Seagate recommends using cables shorter than 39.37 inches (1 meter). For more information, see the required Document ID: 182453.

        Here are some images of the serial cables ATA cables. Click to expand.

      • The BIOS may not recognize the hard drive if all data cables are damaged or your current connection is incorrect.
        Serial ATA cables, in particular, can sometimes fall out of their connection. Make sure your sata cables are securely connected to the city SATA connector.
      • The easiestAnother way to test a shipment is to replace it with a different port. If the problem persists, then the cable was not the end result.
      • Seagate recommends using UDMA cables up to 18 inches long for ATA drives. UDMA cables have color-coded connections that require correct orientation when connected.
        See this (Click on the image:
        to enlarge)
        • Blue connector – always connects to the motherboard. (center)
        • gray plug – only used for slaves on this cable.
        • Black socket – used to connect the master.
    1. Player won’t start
      If the player is not turned on i. H. is getting the wrong power level, it will not start. To find out if this is the reason the BIOS does not recognize the hard drive, follow these steps:
      1. Turn off your computer.
      2. Open the case of your computer or laptop and disconnect the data cable directly from the hard drive. This will actually send all the power saving commands.
      3. Turn on the systemhim; make sure the hard drive is actually spinning. You should feel a slight vibration when you touch the side of most of the disc. If you can’t hear or hear the hard drive spinning, the mark hasn’t started.
    1. Turn on your computer and listen carefully.
    2. Turn off your computer.
    3. Disconnect each of our cables from the person himself.
    4. Unplug the power cord from the real hard drive.
    5. Reconnect the cable drive to the computer itself.
    6. Restart your computer to make sure you heard sound from it before. And,
    7. Then start over, just plug your hard drive back in and listen to boot.
    8. If you are replacing the power cord with a device that requires a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or drive, use it with a known-good power cord.
    9. Check your computer’s power supply to make sure the primary drives and peripherals you use with your computer are getting enough power.
    10. If the disk is working and still does not spin, try connecting it to another tocomputer.
    11. If possible, insert the drive into a sensitive SATA-USB enclosure or something similar.
    12. If the disc is not replaced after all the steps, please visit the warranty page for those products to place a warranty replacement order.
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  • ATA: It is recommended that all Seagate ATA hard drives Support jumper setting for cable selection according to cable selection design. If your process system was built prior to October 1998 and does not support UDMA 66 or higher, you will end up using a master / slave jumper.

    If you use the cable jumper select command on the ATA drive, all instruments connected to the UDMA cable must also use the cable select indication. The cable decides to find the master / slave when the cable select jumper commands are used.

    1. Bad hard drive

    – – (Click Expand) Seagate Drive Jumper Settings – – ( Click to Expand) Maxtor Brand ATA Drive Jumper Settings
    sata port b device not found

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